Chwedl presentations - public list


image for Introduction to AutoML image for Unpacking AutoML

Data Governance

image for Overview of Data Governance

Data Science Teams

image for Helping your team work better together image for Challenges for building data science teams


image for Decentralized data markets for training AI

Global Media

image for Artificial Intelligence in Media and Warfare


image for Best Practices for Human-in-the-Loop: the business case for Active Learning

Industry Perspectives

image for Perspectives on the State of AI image for ABC Adoption in Enterprise: 2018 Surveys, 2019 Actions image for AI Adoption in Enterprise image for Data Science: Past and Future

Knowledge Graph

image for AI to Augment Scholarly Infrastructure image for Graph Realities

Natural Language

image for spaCy tuTorial image for PyTextRank image for Get Started with NLP and AI in Python image for Industry Survey Analysis: the industry landscape of natural language use cases in 2020

unit test

image for If this had been an actual emergency