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Troubleshooting FAQ

The following items may help with troubleshooting frequently asked questions.

First, we have a a few quick questions to check before you report any potential bugs:

  • Which version of PyTextRank are you using?
  • Which version of spaCy are you using?
  • What operating system and version?
  • Did you install through which of the following methods?
    • pip
    • conda
    • direct source installation from a cloned Git repo
  • Are you using any virtual environment, such as venv?
  • Is the code running as a script, or within a notebook such as JupyterLab?

A good way to collect this information is to run:

python -m spacy info

Jupyter works fine, but JupyterLab fails to use the correct environment

If you are running code inside of JupyterLab, there can also be conflicts among the path environment variables settings.

A JupyterLab kernel may be running a different Python executable than scripts launched from the same command line as JupyterLab. There is a known Conda problem; see for details.

To confirm, run the following code in a notebook cell and compare with the Python executable that you expect to find:

import sys

Conda is overly aggressive about how it modifies Bash profiles during installation – and not in an especially helpful way.

AttributeError: type object 'Language' has no attribute 'factory'

This message is a spaCy 2.x error.

Somewhere, somehow, a Python environment with spaCy 2.x installed must be getting called instead of the expected spaCy 3.x library. Or perhaps you may be using PyTextRank 3.x with spaCy 2.x instead?

To confirm, run the following code in your Python script and see if it uses the expected executable:

import sys

Last update: 2021-03-23