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Derwen ( /ˈdɛr-u-ɛn/ pronounced "DAIR-oo-en" )
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A private California corporation, D-U-N-S number 116589020

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We look differently at problems faced in common w.r.t. Data and AI: themes, issues, governance, risk, people, projects, near-term scenarios.

Derwen, Inc., is a full-stack engineering firm focused on ethical, secure, efficient, production-ready open source integration to support machine learning applications at enterprise scale, especially based on natural language and graph data science practices.

By appointment only.


Derwen, Inc., is a partner of Earth Sciences Information Partners (ESIP).

For more details about joining Derwen, please see our current job listings. Have your portfolio of participation within GitHub, StackOverflow, and other communities of practice ready for discussion.

Our team has provided services on behalf of:

Project Jupyter The Data Chefs IBM Anthem Insurance Datahack
NLP Summit BASF Coleridge Initiative Red Bull Useful Sensors
Amplify Partners Manning Publications United Nations NYU Databricks
NumFOCUS Argilla Kubuntu Focus Primer AI Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
Big Things Conference Starburst Data Connected Data World Orange Telecom Towards Data Science
Gradient Flow Computable Labs Deep Learning Analytics O'Reilly Media InfoWorld
Domino Data Lab Lightbend USDA KUNGFU.AI Ditchley Foundation
PyData US Department of Defense NOAA KeyBank Ray Project
Nike NVIDIA LinkedIn Deutsche Bundesbank Knowledge Graph Conference
Universidade da Coruña 8x8

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