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We look differently at problems faced in common w.r.t. Data/AI: themes, issues, strategy, governance, risk, people, projects, near-term scenarios. Providing enterprise data strategy; graph-based data science; rapid prototyping of AI apps based on natural language and knowledge graph; production-ready open source integration.


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design principles

  1. focus on Calm Tech — valuable info, clear presentation, no interruptions!

  2. afford strong guarantees for data privacy

  3. follow security practices based on HTTPS-only, HSTS, no CORS

  4. leverage JAMstack architecture – i.e., network engineering for the 21st c., using CDN+microservices for speed, scale, security

  5. render interactive content via a responsive, single-page, progressive web app, which supports efficient mobile use

  6. use (nearly) Pure CSS – i.e., less reliance on JavaScript/TypeScript

  7. demonstrate semantic discovery – leveraging ontology, taxonomy, NLP analysis, recsys

  8. eliminate any use of Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Mail, Google Calendar – due to obvious security+performance risks

  9. provide accessibility for people with visual impairment

  10. help mitigate the spread of link rot

  11. promote Derwen branding, e.g., our color palette and monospace typeface, visual grammar based on Material icons, etc.