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We look differently at problems faced in common w.r.t. Data and AI: themes, issues, governance, risk, people, projects, near-term scenarios.

Derwen, Inc., provides evaluation, integration, packaging, concurrency, performance optimization, and security hardening for open source software used in machine learning use cases, with expertise in natural language, graph technologies, and operations research. Our mission is to bridge between open source communities of practice in artificial intelligence, and the enterprise customers who need to work with them. block logo

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design principles

  1. Focus on Calm Tech — valuable info, clear presentation, no interruptions!

  2. Afford strong guarantees for data privacy.

  3. Implement security practices based on HTTPS-only, HSTS, Security-by-Design, no CORS.

  4. Deliver fast, resilient web-based resources – i.e., network engineering for the 21st c., leveraging CDNs for speed, scale, security, etc.

  5. Build a simpler web experience, with less reliance on heavyweight JavaScript/TypeScript frameworks.

  6. Render interactive content via a responsive, single-page, progressive web app, which supports efficient mobile use.

  7. Demonstrate use of semantic search and discovery – leveraging taxonomy, controlled vocabularies, recsys, natural language.

  8. Eliminate use of Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Mail, Google Calendar – due to obvious security and performance risks.

  9. Provide accessibility for people with visual impairment.

  10. Mitigate the spread of link rot.

  11. Meanwhile, help promote Derwen branding, e.g., our color palette, typefaces, visual grammar, etc.