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PyTextRank logo

a popular Python implementation of multiple textgraph graph algorithms for phrase extraction, provided as a configurable spaCy pipeline component.

  • lightweight phrase extraction (unsupervised learning, CPU-based)
  • leverages available NER capabilities within a pipeline
  • uses: enhance indexing and document similarity; building knowledge graphs
kglab logo

a simple Python abstraction layer for Graph Data Science, integrating NetworkX, RAPIDS, RDFLib, Morph-KGC, pythonPSL, and more.

  • provides PyData-esque interfaces to other popular graph libraries
  • includes several Jupyter-based graph data science tutorials
  • uses: building knowledge graphs; integrating disjoint graph technologies
mkrefs logo

MkDocs plugin to generate semantic reference Markdown pages from a knowledge graph

  • biblio – semantic bibliography entries, generated from RDF
  • glossary – semantic glossary entries, generated from RDF
  • apidocs – semantic apidocs supporting the Diátaxis grammar for documentation, generated as RDF from Python modules
disparity_filter logo

implements a disparity filter in Python, based on NetworkX, to extract the multiscale backbone of a complex weighted network (Serrano, et al., 2009)

  • analogous to centrality calculated on the edges of a graph rather than its nodes; in other words, consider this as a "dual" problem of the typical graph analysis of social networks
  • uses: paring down automatically-generated graphs, such as those produced by NLP methods

recommended projects within our community:

Our focus is on Python open source libraries for: building knowledge graphs, natural language, dataset quality embeddings, graph representation learning, probabilistic data structures, leveraging motifs, hybrid reasoning systems, semantic inference, graph visualization, network analysis, following the general criteria:

  • based on reasonably current dependencies
  • uses a business-friendly license
  • installs correctly with pip or conda
  • provides example code which runs without exceptions
  • reproduces published results
  • affords data integration (not optimized for benchmark/paper)
  • called as a library, not requiring container/microservice orchestration nor CLI
  • supports concurrency and parallelization
  • maintained within the past six months
  • passes a reasonable level of security audit

spaCy logo

industrial-strength Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python

Argilla logo

the open-source data curation platform for LLMs, integrating closely with Hugging Face, LlamaIndex, and more.

KùzuDB logo

a highly scalable, extremely fast, and very easy-to-use embeddable graph database, implementing openCypher in Python for labeled property graphs

Oxigraph logo

a high performance Python graph database library as a drop-in replacement for RDFlib, written in Rust and built atop RocksDB

NetworkX logo

a Python package for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and functions of complex networks

cuGraph logo

GPU-accelerated graph analytics, including support for property graphs, remote (graph as a service) operations, and GNNs

RDFLib logo

a pure Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information

Morph-KGC logo

an engine that constructs RDF, knowledge graphs from heterogeneous data sources with the R2RML and RML mapping languages.

StellarGraph logo

a Python library for machine learning on graphs and networks, including implementations of GraphSAGE and other graph embedding algorithms

ULTRA logo

a foundation model for knowledge graph (KG) reasoning

LlamaIndex logo

a data framework for LLM applications to ingest, structure, and access private or domain-specific data

SetFit logo

an efficient and prompt-free framework for few-shot fine-tuning of Sentence Transformers

SpanMarker logo

a framework for training powerful Named Entity Recognition models using familiar encoders such as BERT, RoBERTa and ELECTRA, built atop 🤗 Transformers

OpenNRE logo

an open-source package for Neural Relation Extraction (NRE)

Graph of Thoughts logo
Graph of Thoughts

solve complex problems by modeling them as a Graph of Operations (GoO), which is automatically executed with a Large Language Model (LLM) as the engine

dotmotif logo

a performant, powerful query framework for identifying subgraphs or motifs in a large graph, based on NetworkX

pySHACL logo

a pure Python module which allows for the validation of RDF graphs against Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) rules

pyvis logo

a Python-based approach for constructing and visualizing interactive network graphs within the same space, built on VisJS

datasketch logo

probabilistic data structures that can process and search very large amount of data super fast, with little loss of accuracy

Unstructured logo

build custom preprocessing pipelines for labeling, training, or production machine learning

pydantic-aioredis logo

a declarative ORM for Redis using Pydantic models and aioredis

calmcode logo

Made by people who want to remedy the skill anxiety. Short and simple video lessons that start from scratch. Tools and thoughts that might make your professional life more enjoyable. company logo

We can help your organization build and deploy advanced AI applications!

Derwen, Inc., provides evaluation, integration, packaging, concurrency, performance optimization, and security hardening for open source software used in machine learning use cases, with expertise in natural language, graph technologies, and operations research. Our mission is to bridge between open source communities of practice in artificial intelligence, and the enterprise customers who need to work with them.

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Areas of expertise within our firm include:

  • graph data science applications
  • developing précis, executive briefings, expert presentations
  • technical co-authoring for books, industry reports, whitepapers, etc.
  • methods for using natural language (LLMs, etc.) to build knowledge graphs
  • leveraging W3C semantic graphs and LPG labeled property graphs together
  • integrating graph visualization frameworks and customized UI/UX
  • applications of probabilistic graphs
  • expert software engineering+packaging in Python and C++
  • developing APIs and services based on FastAPI/Pydandtic/Redis/Thespian
  • parallelization and performance analysis+optimization
  • building human-in-the-loop pipelines to enrich your data
  • using distributed systems and cloud computing in general

Partner firms include:

Senzing DataSpartan markenmut The Data Chefs
Big Data Institute ESIP Elless Media Gradient Flow

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Graph Data Science

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Hugging Face

the AI community building the future

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spaCy Universe

resources developed with or for spaCy, including standalone packages, plugins, extensions, educational materials, operational utilities and bindings for other languages

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Connected Data World

Community, Events, Thought Leadership: for those who use the relationships, meaning and context in data to achieve great things

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Knowledge Graph Conference

brings together leaders across industry and research defining the future of semantic technologies and AI

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We love graphs. Do you?

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Neo4j events

event listings for conferences, webinars, meetups, etc., related to Neo4j

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a home for Earth science data professionals, sponsored by NOAA, NASA, USGS, with knowledge graph collaboration areas

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ISWC Conference

the premier international forum for the Semantic Web and Linked Data Community

LOG logo
Learning On Graphs

an annual research conference that covers areas broadly related to machine learning on graphs and geometry

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a community for developers and users of open source data tools

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AKBC Conference

a research forum for all areas of knowledge base construction, in both academia and industry

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