Chwedl presentations - help page

What is this?

This is an online version of a slide presentation. It's a story, an interactive narrative. A show. The underlying platform is called Chwedl (pronounced "shwedle"... )

How do I move to different slides?

Choose from any of these methods:

  • use the mouse/pointer to swipe left or right
  • move the slider, located at the bottom of the slides
  • scroll and click on any slide thumbnail
  • press left-arrow or up-arrow to go left
    press right-arrow or down-arrow to go right
  • click the "toc" tab then select a section from the outline
  • modify the URL to point to the name of a specific slide

Can I download the slides?

You already have. Each Chwedl presentation is a single-page app: once you begin reading, you've already downloaded the entire presentation.

How can I share these slides?

The public URL is shareable, and each slide has a unique "anchor name" so that it can be shared. See "copy to clipboard" link content_copy just to the left of the license/copyright.

Are the links clickable?

Yes, the URL links are all clickable. You can also click the "links" tab to see a list of all the URLs references on any slide.

Why do some slides say "subscription required"?

You need a subscription to view some parts of the content in Chwedl.

What is that strange symbol on the first slide?

That's called a QR code. You can take a photo with a smartphone to automatically load a Chwedl presentation. We use those for public presentations, so people in the audience can download and read on mobile.

Can I present slides in full-screen mode?

Press the F key or click the full-screen icon fullscreen to view in full-screen mode. Press the Escape key to return.

Where can I view detailed info about a presentation?

Click "info" tab to view the author(s), publication date, abstract, and other metadata.

Why does Derwen use so many names in Cymraeg?

That is a mystery lost in the mists of time.