Paco Nathan   Ben Lorica
2019-04-11 01:57:32

During the period of June through November 2018, Ben Lorica and I conducted three large industry surveys about 'ABC' (AI, Big Data, Cloud) adoption in enterprise, worldwide. In other words, what are the trends in infrastructure, process, and business directions that provide foundations for digital transformations. Analysis of the data for these surveys was recently published by O’Reilly Media, as free mini-books. In particular, we looked at the contrast between 'leaders' and 'laggards' in technology adoption, by comparing three segments: 'mature practices' (5+ years ML in production) versus 'evaluation stage' (a few years of ML work) versus firms which had not started on the required transformations. Our results correlated in many ways with earlier studies at O’Reilly, plus similar research by MIT Sloan, McKinsey Global Institute, and others. However, there were also some surprises. This talk reviews those trends and surprises, including high-level survival analysis for bottlenecks that enterprise firms face, which open source frameworks and cloud vendor services are getting traction, technology use cases vs. verticals, plus trends in AI-related IT budgets for 2019.