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Paco Nathan  
2019-10-19 06:47:18.526079+00:00

Rich Context is a research effort within the Coleridge Initiative at NYU Wagner, developing a knowledge graph built from metadata about the use of curated datasets and related research. As a foundation, the Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF) is a platform used across 15 government agencies in the US for social science research with sensitive data. ADRF promotes evidence-based policymaking and provides support for data stewardship practices among the agencies. Rich Context, in turn, is used to represent several kinds of entities involved: datasets, data providers, researchers, research publications, subject headings, etc. ML applications leverage this graph to perform entity linking, e.g., identifying dataset attribution within open access research publications. This talk is about Rich Context, its ML competition, and the related new features for data governance and collaboration which are going into JupyterLab.

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