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🔗rate sheet

Effective 2019-09-01:

rate minimum activity description terms
US$300/hr 0.5 hr consulting full rate; local or remote net-30
US$200/hr 0.5 hr consulting recurring; local or remote net-30
US$3000/day daily consulting on-site net-30
US$750/hr 1 hr teaching live online course net-30
US$3500/hr 0.5 hr teaching recorded net-30
US$1600/day 1 day event day local or remote net-30
US$800/day 1 day travel day local or remote net-30
US$1000/hr 1 hr speaking fee local or remote net-30

Consulting work performed remotely or within a 50 km radius of one of our offices qualifies for local or remote rates, and on-site rates apply in all other cases.

Total invoiced amounts also include travel reimbursements (where applicable) plus other expenses billed directly to the client per our consulting agreement. Travel reimbursements include: airfare, ground transportation, parking, hotel, and meals during event.

A monthly retainer (average estimated billable hours per month, paid in advance) is used for projects which require consulting time scheduled in advance of four (4) weeks. Prepaid amounts apply to billed hours and carry forward.

🔗legal restrictions and compliance

Derwen, Inc., does not provide staffing, job placement, or recruiting services.

In addition, employees of Derwen, Inc., have the following restrictions due to security and compliance requirements:

  • Employees are restricted from working more than thirty percent (30%) of their billable hours in a given month for any one client.
  • Employees are restricted from accepting a meeting (online or in-person) without prior full dislosure in writing of the intents of the other parties involved in the meeting.
  • Employees are restricted from using email or calendar systems managed by other organizations, and may not use any of the following systems for business meetings: Messenger, Skype, Telegram.
  • All requests for non-disclosure agreements are subject to prior review by corporate counsel.
  • Under no circumstances will non-compete agreements be recognized as legitimate, signed, or otherwise honored by the company or its employees.

Engagement by clientele, signified by payment on invoices, acknowledges full agreement to our stated policy for staff and clientele – including obligations, code of conduct, and statement of ethics.